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brass fogings brass forged parts
Brass Forging, Brass, Copper, Bronze Castings and Forgings Brass Forging Eye Bolts, Bronze Forged Parts Brass Casting, Forging Casting Non-Ferrous Forging Parts Hot Forged Parts Brass forged Components We offer various array of the hot forged components that are used in the agricultural and different automotive parts and components.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Brass forging brass forged parts Brass forged components Copper forging Brass forged elbows Brass forged nuts Brass forged fasteners Brass forgings, CNC machined forged parts, Brass forged Tees pipe fittings Brass forged Compression fittings Brass machined forged parts Forged fittings.

We use high quality Brass forging alloys to produce best quality Brass forged parts and Brass forged fittings Forged Components. We can also offer Copper forgings, Copper forged parts etc. Our cold forged parts Brass hot forged parts components are exported to 25 countries around the globe.

Forging Brass (BS-218). 
BSP NPT BSPT NPTF 0.05 KG to 1.00 KG
As per the specification of the customer.
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